1. There is no need for the book agency to deposit for purchases in Telugu Akademi.

  2. It would be enough if the agency agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of Telugu Akademi and execute a bond of Rs.20/- to that effect.

  3. The agency or booksellers could buy books from any regional centre of the Telugu Akademi.

  4. Akademi offers no credit to booksellers. Transport charges must also be borne by them.

  5. While sending indents for the Akademi publications, they should clearly indicate the nearby Lorry Transport Office / Railway Station (with Pincodes) to send books by parcel.

  6. When orders are placed for books by booksellers/colleges/institutions, books that are available on stock would be sent. Books that are out of stock at that time would be sent only when a fresh order is made for them. Books would not be sent on old orders which must in any case be renewed.

  7. No retail sales would be made at regional centres. The cost of books will not be accepted in cash. But on special occasions like exhibitions, the regional centres will sell books on discount and accept cash for the value. But, on all other times, the order should be accompanied by DDs taken of nationalised banks, payable at Hyderabad drawn on The Director, Telugu Akademi, Hyderabad. A bookseller who has registered himself in a regional centre would, on special circumstances, be allowed to purchase books on payments in the form of D.D.

  8. Colleges should place its orders in a single indent. Separate Department-wise orders will not be entertained.

  9. Government colleges and Government aided private colleges would initially be supplied books on credit. They should immediately settle the account immediately in the same financial year as soon as they get grants from the Government. This facility will not be extended to the unaided private colleges.

  10. Only in case when the orders of colleges / institutions exceed Rs.1,000/-, the Akademi will bear the transport charges. If not, they should be borne by the concerned colleges/institutions.

  11. The value of purchases (minus the discount) from a bookseller should not be less than Rs.2,000/- for every order placed.