Arrangement for Consultation with, or Representation by, the Members of the public in relation to the Formulation of Policy or Implementation there of

[Section  4(1) (b) (viii)]

            Arrangement for consulations with or Representatives by the Members of the public in relation to the formulation of policy or implementation thereof

            1.         University Academic bodies

            2.         State Council for Higher Education

            3.         Board of Intermediate Education

            4.         Department of Technical Education

            5.         AP Govt. Text Book Press

            6.         Council for Scientafic and Technical Terminology (CSTT)

            7.         Director of Public Libraries

            8.         Government for Higher Education (GP)

            9.         White printing paper and cover paper for the Testing of quality.

                        1.         Central pulp & Paper Research Institute

                                    P.B. No. 174, Paper Mills Road

                                    Himmatnagar, Saharanpur - 247001, U.P.

                        2.         Indinan Institute of Chemical Technology

                                    Taranaka, Hyderabad

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