Norms set for the Discharge of its functions

[Section 4(1) (b) (iv)]

            The Business of the Telugu Akademi will transact in the Department as per the Policy decisions taken by the Board of Governors and standing committees. The Akademi will follow strictly in accordance with the approved bye - laws and different aspects and without any deviation the Akademi will follow the government orders, instructions and guidelines from time to time. The Budget allocations approved by the Board of Governors will be seriously kept in view for the purpose of spending on different schemes and projects undertaken by the Government.

            In case of necessity arises appropriate proposals will be submitted to the standing committees and board of governors in the form of Agenda notes for appropriate approval and follow the decisions for proper implementation. If, in the opinion of the chairman of the Akademi immediate action is called for on any matter and it is not possible or convenient to convene the meeting of the Board, he will authorise the secretary of the education department (Vice Chairman of Akademi) to take action and the action so taken shall be reported at the next meeting of the Board for ratification.








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