Powers and duties of officers and employees

[Section 4(1) (b) (ii)]


1. Director

The Director of the Telugu Akademi is both Academic and administrative Head. The Director has powers and duties to (i) ensure the proper functioning and strict observance of the bye - laws and Rules of the Akademi (ii) Supervise the work and conduct of the staff (iii) Organise study courses and research projects (iv) exercise disciplinary control for the proper functioning of the Akademi, Convene Board of Governors Meetings and standing committees as and when necessary. He is the chairman of the selection committee for staff of classes III and IV and the appointing authority for the same staff. On the academic side he is assisted by academic officers i.e Deputy Directors, Research officers, Research Assistants, Publication Assistants and Survey Assistants. On the administrative side he is assisted by officers Viz, Administrative officer, production officer, Accounts officer, stores officer and sales officers besides the necessary complement of ministerial staff.

2. Deputy DirectorS

Periodical assessment of the staff in their respective departments, preparation of schemes and projects, annual budgetary requirements, conducting seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences etc. The Deputy Directors assist the Director of the Akademi in respect of the subjects alloted to them by the Director. They directly send proposals, files etc.to the Director from time to time as per the orders.

3. Research Officers

To update the syllabus and other information required pertaining to their departments besides assisting the Director and Deputy Director periodical assesment of the staff working in the Department. They directly send the files and other papers to the Deputy Director for onward submission to the Director.

4. Research Assistants/publication Assistants / Survey Assistants

To correspond with the universities and other institutions, to prepare panel of subject experts pertaining to the needs and requirements of subject alloted to them; to assist the Research officers and Deputy Directors in day to day discharging their duties and functions.


1. Administrative Officer

Subject to general control and superintendence of the Director, the Administrative officer is in-charge of the service matters of the personnel in the Akademi and office administration and shall carry such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Director from time to time.

2. Accounts Officer

            Subject to the general control of the Director, the Accounts officer shall in - charge of all regiters, Records etc of the Accounts branch of the Akademi and shall carry out such duties as maybe assegned to him by the Director from time to time. The Accounts is also drawing and disbursing  officer and he shall keep in safe custody the cash balances, cheque books, cashbooks, ledgers, vouchers, acquittance registers etc. with the assistance of the staff assigned to him. He shall prepare annual Budget estimates and shall attend all matters pertaining to audit of the Akademi Accounts.

3. Production Officer

The Production officer is the head of Printing section. The production officer is responsible for the timely release of publications and will inspect the presses besides assesment of the printing paper and cover paper required for different publications. He will supervise the functionary aspects of the printing section with the staff attached to him.

4. Stores Officer

The stores officer is the head of the stores wing. He is responsible for the safety and security of stocks in godowns and he will assist the Director in procuring the required printing paper and cover paper. He will undertake periodical  inspection of the godowns and submits inspection reports to the Director. He will submit proposals annual physical verification of stocks of paper and books in godowns.

5. Sales Officer

He will supervise the work of sales section and regional centres and issue guidelines and instructions to the staff under his control after obtaining orders from the Director. He will assist the Director from time to time about sales of publications and undertakes sales promotion activities.

6. Managers of All Sections & regional Centres

They will attend to the administrative nature of the work and files and they work under the direct supervision of their concerned officers besides supervising the staff working in the sections.

7. Senior Clerks

They will assest the managers and concerned officers in discharging their respective duties and responsibilities.

8. Senior Assistants

They will maintain all the files in the section and also deal with the correspondence pertaining to the subjects attached to them.

9. Junior Assistants

They will gather the required paper material and reference particulars as per the instructions of the superior officers in the section. They will also attend work alloted to them deperding upon to needs of the sections workload.

10. Typists

They will attend typing work

11. Composing operators

They will attend to the work alloted to them in the photocomposing unit.

Note : Depending upon the nature of department and  sections in which they are posted, the nature of work differs from section to section.


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