Organisation, Functions and Duties

[Section 4(1) (b) (i)]

Organisational set-up

Based on the report of the Gwyn committee and the scheme formulated by the Government of India, the Government of Andhrapradesh, through the GOMS No.1255(edn) dated 12th June 1968 established the state Institute of Telugu termed as Telugu Akademi. Telugu Akademi is a registered institution under the societies Registration Act 1860 (Act 21 of 1860) Andhra pradesh (Telangana Area) Public Societies  Registration Act of 1350 (Act 1 of 1350 F) and is managed by a Board of Governors Consisting of official and non - Official members. The Akademi started functioning from the 6th August 1968.


The avowed objects in establishing the Akademi are :

1.         To Promote the spread of the Telugu Language and to develop it and secure its enrichment and modernization.

2.         To coordinate with the Government in the easy switch over to Telugu as the official language for purposes of administration; and

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3.         To coordinate with Universities in the easy switch over to Telugu as the medium of instruction at all stages of higher education.


The Akademi is administered by a Board of Governors consisting of official and non-official members. The Hon�ble Minister for Higher Education is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Governors. Other members include secretaries for Higher Education and Finance Departments, Vice-Chancellors of the Universities in the state, the Director of collegiate Education, the Director, Board of Intermediate Education, the Director of Technical Education, the Chairman of Commission for scientific and technical terminology, New Delhi, the nominee of the University Grants Commission, the Chairman of the state council for higher Education, the president of AP Academi of Sciences, the member-secretary of the Andhra pradesh official Language (Legislative) Commission and 4 non - official (nominated) members. The Director of Telugu Akademi is the member - secretary of the Board of Governors.

            The secretary to Government, Higher Education Department is the VICE - CHAIRMAN of the Telugu Akademi. The Board is made responsible for the management and administration of affairs of the Akademi in accordance with the rules and bye-laws of the Akademi framed there under with powers to make bye - laws and annul, amend, alter, vary or modify them from to time. The Board of Governors is therefore the highest policy making body.

Standing Committees

There are two standing committees of the Board, VIZ (1) standing committee for Administrative matters (2) standing committee for Academic Matters to help and guide the Akademi in the conduct of the concerned affairs. The secretary for Higher Education is the chairman of the standing committee for Administrative Matters. The Vice - Chancellor of Telugu University is the Chairman of the Academic Matters.  The Director of the Telugu Akademi is the member - Secretary of these committees

            The Director of Telugu Akademi is both the Academic and Administrative head of the institution.

Activities of the Akademi

In order to achieve the objectives, the activities of the Akademi are distributed among the three Departments established for the purpose. They are (1) The Research and survey Department (2) The Teaching and Training department and (3) The publication Department. 

Functional aspects

            Publishes books in Telugu Medium for the students of Higher Education and also books of general and popular interest in the form of Text books, Reading material, Bullations, Glossaries, Dictionaries, Translations, Monographs, Popular series, Readings and reference books. Also publishing books for competitive examinations in the form of question banks. Publishes books in both English and Telugu media for intermediate courses.

            Conducts research in Telugu Language and Terminology development.

            Organises orientation courses for teachers;

            Conducts Telugu classes to non - Telugu people and training classes to employees and officers to use Telugu as official language.

            Conducts seminars and workshops on terminology on modernisation of Telugu Language and on the growth of language and Literature.

            Publishes �Journal?for the benefit of Students, Teachers and Researchers;

            Undertakes to organise exhibitions and sales promotion activities of books published by the Akademi.

            Collaborates with other state level and National level organisations like Universities, Akademies and Academic bodies and with other publishing houses in publishing books in Telugu and also in conducting seminars and workshops  etc,

            Collaborates with the Centre for Scientific and Technical Terminology (New Delhi) and also with other Akademies in evolving Terminology.


Sales and Distribution

            The Telugu Akademi has established six Regional centres (Visakhapatnam, Vijayavada, Tirupati, Anantapur, Warangal and Hyderabad) and Sub Centre (Guntur) to facilitate the supply of books all over state. These centres will also be doing the work of sales promotion in respective regions. Akademi has also Commissioned a publicity - cum - exhibition - cum - sales van for wide publicity of its books and to promote sales and also to conduct exhibitions, for creating book awareness among people.

Composing Unit

            The Akademi has installed a photocomposing unit. With the help of this unit the Akademi is in a position to get the manuscripts composed easily and quickly and also prepare the press copies of revised editions by supplying to printers for off - set processing and printing.


There are around 35,000 Volumes in the Library. Out of them about 20,000 volumes are reference books, Many periodicals are being subscribed for the Library for the benefit of Telugu readers, researchers and translators.

Computerisation of Telugu Akademi functions

            The Telugu Akademi has Computerised its functionary aspects of all Departments and sections by installing 10 Computers. The process of Computerisation is yet to be completed.     




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