• English-Telugu Dictionary (designed after COD with 1 lakh entries)
  • Telugu-Telugu Dictionary (consists of 65,000 entries)
  • A Glossary of Administrative & Legal Terms (consists of 30,000 entries)

English Telugu Dictionary :

The dictionary is modelled after the 1964 edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary. The proposal for publishing the bilingual dictionary originated and mostly executed by Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, under the guidance of Prof.P.Laxmikantham and Prof.G.N.Reddy. It was later under taken by the Akademi which reviewed and published it. The unremitting efforts of great students of Telugu, whose knowledge of English is not less than their scholarship in Telugu, has gone with the making of the dictionary.

Telugu Telugu Dictionary

The Akademi originally thought of bringing out a Telugu-Telugu Dictionary entitled "Sabda Sagaram". Around 1,25,000 entries are collected for it. Then it was felt that a smaller dictionary if made available with 65,000 entries would be useful for college students. This dictionary contains entries ancient as well as modern, besides phrased and technical terminology from sastram like Adyaya and others.


In order to augments the efforts of the Government of Andhra Pradesh which made Telugu as the official language in the State, the Akademi underlook this task to take the administration nearer to the people. The work was started in April, 1976, based on "the Glossary of Parliamentary, Legal and Administrative Terms-with Telugu Equivalents" published by the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Secretariat in 1963. It was first published in 1980 and revised in _____. It contains around 27,600 entries and would be useful for layman as well as scholar.