There are Three Departments in the Akademi. They are The Department of Teaching and Training, The Department of Research and Survey and The Department of Publications.


  1. Conducting Telugu Courses for non-Telugu Speakers working in Government Departments and others.

  2. Conducting Telugu Training Programmes for non-Telugu I.A.S. Probationers in connection with the implementation of Telugu as an Official Language of the State.

  3. Preparation of Reading Materials for Telugu learners who are learning Telugu as Second Language through English, Hindi, Urdu and other Indian languages.

  4. Preparation of Telugu-Telugu Monolingual Dictionaries for the use of College students.

  5. Preparation of Bilingual Dictionaries for Telugu learners in second language teaching programme.

  6. Preparation of Monographs to introduce new trends in Telugu literature in the interest of common man.

  7. Preparation of Anthologies of Literary terms for the benefit of students and researchers in Telugu old and modern literatures.

  8. Compiling Telugu Research Digests for the co-ordination of research in the Universities of the State and outside of the State.

  9. Conducting of Orientation courses for language Teachers / Lecturers to update the various aspects of modernisation and standardization of Telugu language at school level and Collegiate level and

  10. Translating Sanskrit works of the fields of poetics Grammars etc., into Telugu.


The department launched in 1969 a major project, 'Socio-linguistic Survey of Telugu Dialects in Andhra Pradesh', leading to the preparation of a comprehensive descriptive grammar for modern Telugu. The results of the survey were published so far as Seven monographs (Karimnagar, Cuddapah, Warangal, Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam, Guntur and Chittoor) and Fourteen bulletins (Karimnagar, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Kurnool, Mahboobnagar, Khammam, Chittoor, Guntur, Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Rangareddy, Cuddapah, Anantapur and Warangal). Four more bulletins (Medak, Nalgonda, West Godavari and Nellore) are under print. A study of syntactic variations obtaining in modern prose fiction was also made and the results are being published.

A study of GoonDii and Kooya languages was taken up in 1977 with a view to providing two primers each for the two tribal language in Telugu script. They were published in 1981.

An English Telugu Dictionary modelled after the Concise Oxford Dictionary and compiled by the S.V.University was scrutinized and published in early 1978. The dictionary is by far the largest bilingual dictionary in Telugu with more than a lakh of words. Two more dictionaries i.e., A Dictionary of Commercialese Telugu and a Telugu Dialect Dictionary, compiled by the Department, are under print.

Another major project taken up by the department in 1978 is the preparation of a large Telugu -Telugu Dictionary - Sabdasaagaram - in which every Telugu word used in the past and present will find a place. After indexing and alphabetizing 4.7 lakh slips, literary and inscriptional usages are being provided and the dictionary will have an estimated lakh and a half entries at the minimum.

  1. Preparation of terminology in Telugu.
  2. Preparation of subject-wise Dictionaries and Bibliographies.
  3. Compilation of Digests/Compendiums of Research work done and being done in the Universities of this State in Sciences, Humanities, Literature and Culture.

  4. Preparation of an anthology of graded lessons for all classes of school and college studies; and

  5. Survey of vocabulary potential in children of Classes-I to VII and preparation of graded word list.


  1. Preparation and Publication of original textbooks for Intermediate course.
  2. Preparation and publication of reading material (i.e., original books) for the three graduate courses, viz., B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com. and Post-Graduate courses.

  3. Publication of Dictionaries.
  4. Preparation and Publication of Monographs on modern topics in both Sciences and Humanities.

  5. Publication of Monthly Journal.
  6. Publication of translations of standard books to serve as additional reading material and reference material at the college level.

This with the coordinated efforts of the above Three Departments, the Telugu Akademi has so far brought out 1800 publications in the form of Text Books at Intermediate level, Reading Material at Degree and Post-Graduate levels besides prestigious publications in the form of Reference Material, such as Bilingual Dictionaries, Sahitya Padakosas, Subject Dictionaries, Glossaries in all subjects pertaining to Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Popular Series, Translations of standard works from English-Telugu, Dialectical Bulletins, Dialectical Monographs. The Telugu Akademi has so far conducted 37 Introductory Courses and 28 Advanced Courses pertaining to teaching Telugu to non-Telugu speakers. All the publications which have been so far published are immensely useful both to the students, teaching communities besides researchers in and around Andhra Pradesh.