The objectives of the Telugu Akademi have been specified in G.O.Ms.No.1255, Edn., dated 12-6-1968. The basic objectives are :

    1. To promote the spread of the Telugu language and to develop it and secure its enrichment and modernisation.
    2. To coordinate with the Government in the easy switch over to Telugu as official language for the purpose of Administration ; and
    3. To coordinate with the Universities in the easy switch over to Telugu as medium of instruction at all stages of Higher Education.

The Committee observed that the Telugu Akademi has concentrated its activities mainly on publication of textbooks but did not pay enough attention to achieve other main objectives.

However, certain Seminars and Conferences like;

    1. the Seminar on Telugu Script Reform
    2. the Conference of Professors and Heads of Departments of Telugu in Indian Universities and
    3. the Translatorsí Seminar (by giving technical assistance and providing venue to the National Book Trust, India) have been conducted by the Akademi.